1. this was originally going to be a video to promote the ICON series. Didnt end up using it cause i dont really have rights to the music… or the footage for that matter. So i’ll just post it here!



  3. ICON.01 will officially be available Feb 1st


  4. putting a little sizzle reel together for the kickstarter. First time using iMovie. Incredibly easy. Secondly, recognize that ride?? 


  5. Lamborghini Countach. It’s been too long since i had a poster of one of these on my wall


  6. design jams III

    (Source: Spotify)


  7. ferrari debut


  8. browsing for some reference photos for final touch-ups on reflections and color and came across this beauty. Just in case you forgot how beautiful these cars are.


  9. trying not to get carried away with patterns grains and textures… failing


  10. Making some final layout adjustments. Aiming to be finished with the designs by tonight so that I can start visiting print shops tomorrow. Listening to sebastian tellier on the side as well as updating 12illustrations. In my spare time i collect and post pop art.